Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe: Towards Efficiency and Quality

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the Netherlands

netherlands_logo.jpg Partner
Institute for Health Policy & Management
Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

DRG country report
The Netherlands: The Diagnose Behandeling Combinaties
Siok Swan Tan, Martin van Ineveld, Ken Redekop and Leona Hakkaart-van Roijen

Additional material
Tan SS, Hakkaart-van Roijen L, van Ineveld BM, Redekop WK (2012) Explaining length of stay variation of episodes of care in the Netherlands. Eur J Health Econ. 2012 OctEpub ahead of print]

Oostenbrink JB, Rutten FFH (2006) Cost assessment and price setting of inpatient care in the Netherlands. The DBC case-mix system. Health Care Manag Sci. 9(3):287-294 (Open Access)

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