Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe: Towards Efficiency and Quality

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20. July 2012: European Conference on Health Economics (ECHE), EuroDRG: Final Results on Patient Classification, Payment Rates, System Performance and Quality of Care Across 12 Countries, Zurich, Switzerland
- DRG systems, patient classification and DRG-based hospital payment in Europe Download
- The ability of DRG systems to explain variations in resource consumption Download
- The relationship between quality of care and hospital costs in Europe Download

18. July 2012: European Conference on Health Economics (ECHE) Preconference Workshop, Lessons learned from the EuroDRG project, Zurich, Switzerland
A session for early career and experienced researchers to gain insights into data methodological approaches and results of the EurodRG project Programme

- Introduction to the EurodRG project: main research objectivesDownload
- Actual patient classification and hospital payments for selected episodes of care Download
- The ability of DRG systems to explain variation in resource consumptionDownload
- DRGs for appendectomy and knee replacement: how good are different systems? Download Download
- Relationship of hospital costs and quality of care Download Download

17. November 2011: EuroDRG final conference, Berlin, Germany
At the EuroDRG final conference, which was held in Berlin, 17 November 2011, the main results of the EuroDRG research project were presented and discussed with policy-makers, researchers and stakeholders from Europe and beyond. During this conference, the book 'Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe - Moving towards transparency, efficiency and quality in hospitals' was officially launched. The book is intended to contribute to the emergence of a `common language' that will facilitate communication between researchers and policy-makers interested in improving the functioning and resourcing of the acute hospital sector. Programme Gallery

Session 1 - DRGs in Europe: Moving towards transparency, efficiency and quality in hospitals?
- Understanding DRGs in Europe. The EuroDRG project Download
- The development of European patient classification systems Download
- What do we know about the impact of DRGs on quality and efficiency? Download

Session 2 - European DRG systems – how they work and perform for ten episodes of care
- Patient classification and DRG-based payments in Europe Download
- The ability of DRG systems to explain variations in resource consumption Download
- The relationship of quality and costs in European hospitals Download

Panel discussion 1 – Implications for Europe
- System of Health Accounts 2011: product classifications Download
- EuroDRG – SwissDRG: Implications for Europe? Download
- The Jednorodne Grupy Pacjentów – Polish experiences with DRGs Download

Panel discussion 2 – Implications for countries considering DRGs
- Health Care Payment Reform in China Download
- Serbia and DRG Download

17.-19. October 2012: 28th Patient Classification Systems International Conference, Avignon | France
- DRGs in Europe and beyond: Are we moving in the same direction? Download

13. September 2012: 3rd Annual European Diagnostic Reimbursement and Market Access Conference, Brussels| Belgium
- EuroDRG Project: Cross-country comparison for better integration Download

24. January 2012: European Summit 2012, Brussels| Belgium
- Diagnosis-related group (DRG) payments Download

23. January 2012: 3rd Annual Medical Device Reimbursement Conference, Brussels| Belgium
- DRG-based hospital payment and medical innovation in Europe: Results of the EuroDRG project Download

09. November 2011: Centre for Health and Social Economics (CHESS) Seminar: How to pay providers: Does money follow patient or patient money?, Helsinki | Finland
- DRG-based hospital payment - Experiences from 12 European countries Download

08. November 2011: World Bank Seminar, Washington | USA
- Diagnosis Related Groups (in Europe): Moving towards transparency, efficiency and quality in hospitals Download

21. October 2011: 27th PCSI Conference, Montreal, Quebec | Canada
- The EuroDRG project: comparing European casemix systems Download

11. July 2011: 8th World Congress on Health Economics, Toronto | Canada
- The EuroDRG project: DRG systems and determinants of hospital care across Europe Download
- Performance of DRG systems across Europe: a quantitative assessment Download
- The relationship between quality of care and hospital costs in Europe. Download
- The EuroDRG Project Download

20. June 2011: Changing the payment system for hospital care in Bulgaria to improve equity and efficiency, Sofia | Bulgaria
- DRGs as a financing tool: the European experience Download

03. June 2011: EFORT European Federation of National Associations of Orthopaedics and Traumatology congress, Copenhagen | Denmark
- Determinants of hospital costs and performance variation of hip replacement - A comparative analysis across Europe Download

26./27. April 2011: The World Bank Workshop - Health Financing Reforms to Improve Efficiency and Quality of Care: International Experience, Evidence and Prospects for the Russian Federation, Moscow | Russia
- Implementing health financing reforms: DRG-based hospital payments in Germany Download
- Реализация реформы финансирования здравоохранения:Оплата стационарной помощи: система диагностически связанных групп в Германии Download

21./22. March 2011: German Association of Health Economics conference, Bayreuth | Germany
- DRG systems in Europe: How similar, how divergent? A structured approach and first answers Download - Diagnosis Related Group (DRG) systems and similar Patient Classification Systems in Europe Download
- Appendektomie und Diagnosis Related Groups (DRGs) Download
- DRGs and cost accounting across Europe: Which is driving which? Download
- DRG-type payment systems and technological innovation: reimbursement approaches in 11 European countries Download

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