Diagnosis-Related Groups in Europe: Towards Efficiency and Quality

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Reinhard Busse, Alexander Geissler, Wilm Quentin, Miriam Wiley (eds.) (2011) Maidenhead: Open University Press and WHO Regional Office for Europe

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John “Jack” Langenbrunner and Stefan Konstantinov

Reinhard Busse, Alexander Geissler, Wilm Quentin, Miriam Wiley

Part 1

From the origins of DRGs to their implementation in Europe
Miriam Wiley

Introduction to DRGs in Europe: Common objectives across different hospital systems
Alexander Geissler, Wilm Quentin, David Scheller-Kreinsen and Reinhard Busse

Understanding DRGs and DRG-based hospital payment in Europe
Wilm Quentin, Alexander Geissler, David Scheller-Kreinsen and Reinhard Busse

DRG systems and similar patient classification systems in Europe
Conrad Kobel, Josselin Thuilliez, Martine Bellanger and Karl-Peter Pfeiffer

DRGs and cost accounting: Which is driving which?
Siok Swan Tan, Lisbeth Serdén, Alexander Geissler, Martin van Ineveld, Ken Redekop, Mona Heurgren and Leona Hakkaart-van Roijen

DRG-based hospital payment: Intended and unintended consequences
Francesc Cots, Pietro Chiarello, Xavier Salvador, Xavier Castells and Wilm Quentin

DRG-based hospital payment and efficiency: Theory, evidence, and challenges
Andrew Street, Jacqueline O’Reilly, Padraic Ward and Anne Mason

DRGs and quality: For better or worse?
Zeynep Or and Unto Häkkinen

Technological innovation in DRG-based hospital payment systems across Europe
Wilm Quentin, David Scheller-Kreinsen and Reinhard Busse

Moving towards transparency, efficiency and quality in hospitals: Conclusions and recommendations
Reinhard Busse and Wilm Quentin

Part 2

Austria: Inpatient care and the LKF framework
Conrad Kobel and Karl-Peter Pfeiffer

England: The Healthcare Resource Group system
Anne Mason, Padraic Ward and Andrew Street

France: Implementing homogeneous patient groups in a mixed market
Zeynep Or and Martine Bellanger

Germany: Understanding G-DRGs
Alexander Geissler, David Scheller-Kreinsen, Wilm Quentin and Reinhard Busse

Ireland: A review of casemix applications within the acute public hospital system
Jacqueline O’Reilly, Brian McCarthy and Miriam Wiley

NordDRG: The benefits of coordination
Miika Linna and Martti Virtanen

Estonia: Developing NordDRGs within social health insurance
Kristiina Kahur, Tõnis Allik, Ain Aaviksoo, Heli Laarmann and Gerli Paat

Finland: DRGs in a decentralized health care system
Kirsi Kautiainen, Unto Häkkinen and Jorma Lauharanta

Sweden: The history, development and current use of DRGs
Lisbeth Serdén and Mona Heurgren

Poland: The Jednorodne Grupy Pacjentów – Polish experiences with DRGs
Katarzyna Czach, Katarzyna Klonowska, Maria Świderek and Katarzyna Wiktorzak

Portugal: Results of 25 years of experience with DRGs
Céu Mateus

Spain: A case study on diversity of DRG use – The Catalan experience
Francesc Cots, Xavier Salvador, Pietro Chiarello, Montse Bustins and Xavier Castells

The Netherlands: The Diagnose Behandeling Combinaties
Siok Swan Tan, Martin van Ineveld, Ken Redekop and Leona Hakkaart-van Roijen

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